Anyone have experience with LumberJack Energy

I have mineral rights in Blk C2, Sect. 15 and 16. Was given offer by LumberJack, who I know nothing about. Does anyone have experience with them and know how to find out if they have aquired anything in 15 and 16? Thanks in advance Arthur

Have no experience with them. Happen to have Pecos courthouse access. They have bought a lot of stuff in Sec 15 and 16 in the past 18 months. 25-ish transactions. Some leasing, some minerals. So, good news is that they are likely making a legit offer and have the ability to close on it. It looks to me like they have sold all the leases to Diamondback and the minerals to Arroyo/Mercador. So, IMO, they are the middle man, that’s the bad news (possibly). Good luck.

Thanks for the quick response. Your information is greatly appreciated. Could you tell me how to access that information? Is it public access? I am new to this forum and this whole mineral lease stuff as I have inherited only recenty. This form has been a blessing, as I have learned a great deal from just reading other’s posts. Thanks again, Arthur


I get it through a paid subscription service called DrillingInfo. So its not public access that way, and that way isn’t cheap. There are things like TexasFile that I think allow you to search courthouse records on a $ as you go basis. So in this case you could put in “Lumberjack” as Grantee and possibly find the same info. What are you trying to find specifically?

Out of curiosity, what did Lumberjack offer you? I have some acres in C3 north of there.

NMoilboy, They offered Bonus of 1,750 per mineral acre and 1/4 on lease. I found a map that shows wells. It shows 2 permit sites. and 2 dry wells in sec16 block c2 A-5084 and A-5086 In 15 ,c2 it shows one dry wll. Just outside of the NE corner of 16 there is an active well. Just inside the SE corner are the permit spots. I would like to know who has the permits and anything I can find out about the dry holes. I did find my dads old leases, last one with Dimondback, never thought to entering lumberjack. Acouple of my cusions were contacted one by Diamondback, the other by Cass.

The permits are Diamondback. Canyonlands 15-16, horizontal wells. One in the BoneSpring, One in the Wolfcamp. Just approved in December.

Old vertical wells are Sun or somebody called Nortis. Drilled in 60s or in 90s. They shouldn’t have any bearing on this I wouldn’t think.

Sorry, I was thinking you were leased and they were buying your royalty, I saw you were leased to Diamondback before but didn’t even look at the date for expiration so thought that was still valid.

For what it’s worth, $1750/nma should not get it done. Contact Diamondback. They won’t drill the wells without contacting you. Best of luck.

Thanks for that info.! The last lease was my mother’s the one before that was my father’s. I should have been more involved I would know more now. I do thank you for your help. Arthur

I have no idea how I replyed to myself and not you. Guess I have to mark it up to NewBie hiccups. I apologise to you for not realizing my mistake sooner.

I wanted to thank you for all the helpfull information. I would like to ask a question, and feel free to not answer it if you rather not. Could you give me a ballpark suggestion of a better Royalty Bonus?

Thanks again for your advise. Arthur

I don’t know what happened but your response just became withdrawn by me???don’t know how that happened. It says I can flag it, but don’t know what that means. At least I did get to read it. I think I will do as you suggest. A couple of my cousins were contacted by Diamondback with offers to buy.(40k per acre) I had suggested to them they may want to to just least. I have high hopes they will dril My brother and I inherited from my father and so share 3 acres.

Sorry I meant to send that to you as a private message, I erased it, some of that I didn’t want to put out there publicly. Then I couldn’t figure out how to send you a private message. :grinning:

So glad you read it.

$40k an acre to buy is pretty good IMO.

I was wishing I knew how to do private as well, so no problem. I agree, I was shocked when they told me that and it caused me to think LJ was starting on the lowest offer. I understand buy would be higher, but it seemed to me our offer was a bit low.

Contact Diamondback. If they are buying minerals for $40k/mineral acre, they are probably leasing for close to $10k. You’d think.

It takes them drilling quite a few wells before you are getting more than $40k/acre.