Anyone have any information on Grady County 32-10-6?


I would very much appreciate any information on Grady County 32-10-6. Okland Energy has or had the lease, but the well is abandoned. I previously understood there was litigation concerning the ownership of the lease. Help Please!


Nita Fay 1-32 well had production at least through March 2018 (The OTC site is behind on reporting). Spaced at 640 acres, so holds the whole section for the Mississippi and Hunton.

Alma Lee Ezzard 1H-29 online April 14, 2016. Operator is Roan Resources. Holds all 640 acres in the Woodford. Has production through July 2018 on the OTC tax site, so probably still going.


Thank you so much for the input! I went to the site that you previously posted for another member and saw the basis for your reply to my query. I “for sure” own minerals in that section and so emailed Roan Resources with my “new question” and that was, Why am I not receiving revenue from that well in that section from Roan? I was happily surprised that I received a call from Roan and a very pleasant lady told me she would get back on my ownership. After about an hour she called to say the correct legal of the well that was unknown to me was 29-10-6 and not the 32-10-6 that was listed on Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s site! Problem solved! Thank you for the help and the service you provide! I would still appreciate any information that anyone can share as to progress in Grady 32-10-6 as to ownership of the leases that have previously been held by Okland Energy and now may be in dispute.


Looks like 89 Energy and Okland Oil both had their pooling orders dismissed in 2018.
Looks like there was a permit for the Don King 1006 32-1WH (SL in 0409N06W) by 89 Energy. Sold it to Camino Natural Resources in August 2018. Not sure it was actually drilled. I do not see a spud date. I do not see anything in the OK Tax site either.


Thank you! I have learned so much from you! I really appreciate your help! I have researched this to death now! I have learned that the Alma Lee Ezzard well I mentioned above was originated near the border of the section in 32-10-6 and went almost straight north as a horizontal well into section 29. I now think that the reason for my not receiving any revenue from it is because the spud was only 280 feet from the northern section line of 32-10-6. That, it seems to me, would not have allowed room for any perforations in 32-10-6 and so, that section would not benefit from the well.


Correct. It takes about a quarter mile to make the turn, so no perfs until the well is in the horizontal reservoir.