Anyone have any experience with usmineralexchange?

I’ve decided to sell 1/4 of my royalty interest in Howard County and have liked it through usmineralexchange. Has anyone had any experience with them? Hate to sell ANY, but it’s a good plan for me right now.

I’ve had experience with other sites that are similar, but due to some hiccups in the past, I generally prefer to try and locate buyers on a more personal basis. You’ll have more control in this way. Also, that way you can avoid any fees paid to the exchange.

Where in Howard Co. are your minerals located? I’m in the process of negotiating a multi-million dollar mineral acquisition in Howard County as we speak, so I could probably help answer some questions and if you wish I can connect you with some reputable, well paying buyers.



The interests are in Sec 34 and Sec 38, both in Blk 33 T2N.

Personally, I wouldn't put it on there. That's where the stuff that no one wants goes usually.