Anyone ever heard of Bayside Energy LLC?

I was wondering if anyone on this board might have any information about Bayside Energy LLC.

I ask because I am from Michigan and have noted that Bayside Energy LLC has leased approx. 80,000 acres over past year in a couple of state auctions here. I suspect they are representing a larger gasco and am trying to find out if so and who.

When looking on the Internet, I have found evidence of a company with the same name with activity in ND. Below is a link to a website that shows wells in ND, in particular (this page) shows a section of Bottineau County (is that considered Bakken?). Scroll below the interactive map and it indicates many leases where Bayside Energy was the Grantee (lessee) between 2008 - 2011.

I have also found this reference to seismic work done in ND for Bayside which can be seen at this website.

So if anyone has any information about Bayside Energy it would be helpful and appreciated.

I should also mention that I examined in detail the MI lawyer trail and business formation in May 2010. But I wasn't able to find anything helpful and turned to Google and found the ND references above. Interesting that they don't appear as a ND company though.

It is worth noting that I also contacted MI DNRE and MI DLEG (responsible for business registration) and neither was able to provide any additional information about Bayside Energy.