Anyone else missing May 2024 payments / check stubs from Callon?

Howdy friends. We work with a few clients that have interest with Callon Petroleum. It’s June 3rd and no checks have been received for May 2024. Furthermore, no information is posted in Energylink for the period (typically payment/stub info is available a few days before the end of the month). Is anyone else having the same issue? I am sure it will be corrected but annoying nonetheless…

It may be due to acquisition by Apache. Is it possible that checks are now going to be issued by Apache? All former Callon employees have transitioned to Apache or are gone.

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@TennisDaze . I asked that question to Callon/Apache’s owner relations last week but (surprise) have not heard from them. None of my clients have received any change of payment notices or revised division orders. I am checking Energylink daily and will update the post the minute I have any insights.

The change over happened April 1, 2024. It’s only June 3, 2024.

Callon checks are posted on EnergyLink today.


Received our check on Jun 3rd. Did not know about Apache though. Haven’t heard a word about that.

Quick update. We finally saw the check post in Energylink on June 4th. I am a tad bit annoyed that Callon went from posting check data on the 27th of the month to the first week of June. Hopefully they will correct this. I did ask if there would be a change of payor to Apache - no response yet. Thanks everyone for sharing their experience.

I have received my electronic deposit for May, on time from Callon. No issues!