Anybody have a link to OTC's new site(s)?

All I want, for now at least, is to be able to check Prod Vols for my wells. I’ve tried going in through the front door of the new site, and they want me to create an account - which I never had to do before. I guess I can do that, if I have to, but would rather not. I just need to get to the PUN search screen, I think.

My previous URL for that was:

Can someone help me out? Anybody? Bueller?

It worked fine until yesterday. Something must be up. I logged in and said it was gone. Logged in this morning and it is still off. Will let you know if I find a new one. Hopefully someone else finds it first.

Somebody found it! Thanks to them!

" It moved. It can now be found at: Then you have to find the “Public Pun Search” item in the Help section of the page."

This link may cut out a step or two Scroll to the bottom of the page for PUN search. If you are checking more than one well on a lease you have to go back to the start for every well. The OTC indicated they are working to allow you to return to a county well list using the back arrow.

Go to the left side and pick Public PUN Search. You do not need a password if you just go directly to that location. It is not as easy as it used to be, but it did work this morning.


Next question: Does anyone know someone at OTC who can code? That Public PUN search S.U.C.K.S.

I just accessed well production info from the OTC. New but similar to old format. Didn’t require an account. Under “search by legal” the new item is that in the “quarter section” drop down, I needed to select “all”–it’s a 640 acre spacing gas well. Then inputted the usual two digit section, township, range, e.g. 23 - 07n - 13e.