Any Payne County OK Activity Near

The last few years, things sure have been quiet, offer-wise, on our 160 net mineral acres at Section 7-17N-05E in Payne County.

A couple of years ago, it seems like I’d start getting calls almost as soon as the prior lease lapsed.

I guess they’re hunting elsewhere. Has Payne County kind of gone cold? Can’t expect them to fish all the holes at once, I guess.

Just wondering if it seems that way for others in the area. Thanks!

Payne is pretty quiet these days. It was vertical well territory back in the day. Most of the action is in the horizontal wells of the deeper shales right now.

There is some leasing in Payne, but only 66 leases in the last 999 days. Randomly scattered over the county.

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Lots of oil in the Woodford in Payne County but laden with H2O so $50 oil isn’t profitable.

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