Any Oxy Updates?

A couple of years ago, Oxy leased a number of sections scattered around Gaines county. Do you have any information on what happened to that project? Was the Clearfork the formation of interest?

I am still hoping to get more information on Oxy’s activities in Gaines county. Newly Permitted well: is it Wolfcamp or San Andres?

Enter “Oxy Usa” in TexasFile’s grantee search box and information for warranty deeds in the marked map sections is revealed. Were these purchases for surface land totaling about 900 acres or something else, maybe a right of way, water rights, or something like that. I have the option of purchasing the information but am hoping someone here will be familiar with the activity and comment. If Oxy has actually purchased around 900 surface acres, perhaps this will be the location for Oxy’s Low Carbon Ventures CO2 capture plant?

…“We are excited to partner with Carbon Engineering on the first Direct Air Capture facility in the Permian Basin, enabling us to enhance our leadership position in CO2 EOR,” said OLCV President Richard Jackson. “Using atmospheric CO2 for oil recovery greatly reduces the net addition of CO2 to the atmosphere from oil production and fuel use, and opens a pathway to producing fully carbon-neutral or even net-negative fuels.”…“The proposed project will start with one DAC plant that captures 500 kilotonnes of atmospheric CO2 per year and is expected to expand to include multiple DAC plants, each capable of capturing one megatonne of atmospheric CO2 annually. If the initial plant is approved by Occidental and Carbon Engineering, construction is expected to begin in 2021, with the plant becoming operational within approximately two years.

The facility will have a land footprint of approximately 100 acres. More than 25,000 hours of Carbon Engineering, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, and contractor time has been completed on the design and development work so far. The final Front-End Engineering Design for the facility is slated to begin in the first quarter of 2021 with construction expected to start in 2022. The CO2 captured at the facility will be permanently, safely and securely stored deep underground in geological formations by Occidental. It will be used in lower-carbon oil production, which permanently stores CO2 as part of the process, and for geologic sequestration to deliver permanent carbon removal, a solution to counteract hard-to-eliminate emissions and help businesses achieve their net zero targets. With DAC, atmospheric CO2 can also be used as a feedstock to create low-carbon products like plastics and concrete.”

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