Any oil or gas wells on my property

I am in need of help I have tried to see where my oil, gas, and mineral rights are and if there are any wells there. I just found this lease transfer in my name. Please if anyone can help me. Jodi

Hello Jodi…I see no production in Tyler County/A-633. To the SouthWest, South and SouthEast of A-633 I find numerous oil/gas and gas wells producing from the Austin Chalk(8,800’)formation. The main operators/producers in the immediate area seem to be Zarvona Energy and ETOCO, L.P.

GIS Map of Tyler County A-633 and surrounding area:


When my family transfered the mineral rights she said that she was gettingaround $8K a year. How do I find out if has been previously leased? Or should I contact? Thank you so much I am disabled from a serious car wreck and I can’t find out anything from the tax office or the clerk. I did find the name of who owns the property though.

Since there are no wells, then she may not have been getting revenue from this acreage from royalties. She might have gotten a bonus if it was leased. Did she have other acreage? You may have to do some more research with your family.

I have contacted every county agency I could think of and also followed up on others hints tips or advice. She stated to me in the summer of 2015 that the oil, gas, and mineral rights yearly income was around $8K. She also told me that with the transfer my correct address would be used to contact me in any event, company, lease, royalties, etc.

Unfortunately 7-9-2015 a horrific car wreck left me disabled plus she became very angry when she couldn’t control my decision’s. I am truly lost and I could desperately use the help as my condition is only going to deteriorate.

That’s close to $650 per month. What name was on the checks that your mother was supposedly getting? I would go through her financial paperwork to see what you can dig up .

If there are no wells on this property to provide oil & gas income, are there perhaps other properties that provided the past income? Are there any other documents? Do other family members know where the income came from?

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