Any oil drilling activity?

Good morning y’all, I’m unable to travel & see myself so could anyone near s30 & 31 T10NR08W tell me if there is any activity whatsoever? I’m ever so grateful for all info. Thanks & be blessed.

TPR Mid-Continent dismissed the planned wells they had for those sections back in January 2019.

Yes ma’am, thank you so much. I’m honestly concerned that the 06/23/2019 Continental Resources OGL with my father is being tampered with by his widow at best, if she hasn’t simply absconded with any proceeds already. It’s a filthy mess with alot of things seemingly vanishing to thin air only to be discovered later with her magically written signature mysteriously applied. I’m just trying to keep up with the whole disgusting business. And find time to mourn with my brother too. You would be surprised by the actions that have made it past the powers that be. Seriously. I’m hoping for any passerby to confirm no activity. Really hoping. Thanks so much.

So sorry to hear about your father’s passing. Been there…My condolences.

Hopefully the lease was already paid back in 2019. No drilling at the moment, so things are quiet. Use this time to get the estate settled and title moved to the proper heirs.

Thank you for your kind words. It means alot to me. I appreciate your help, & I simply don’t know what I would be like we’re it not for your voice if reason. God bless you and in abundance ma’am, you are a blessing to all.

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