Any oil activity here

Wondering if anyone has heard anymore on the progress in this section. I’ve been trying to stay up to date through the OCC site, and the last I heard the operation was being done by Casillas. Thanks for the help everyone.

Gil Harris

“Casillas Petroleum Resource Partners LLC, Native Exploration Holdings LLC, and Acacia Exploration Partners LLC—Anadarko basin portfolio companies of Kayne Anderson Energy Funds, have been consolidated to form 89 Energy III LLC, Kayne Anderson said May 20.” As of now, the cases still say Casillas and they are still pending.

Correction. The operator is Camino Natural Resources.

At the moment, Stephens and Johnson Operating Co have new permits (9/7/21) for Tussy Deese Unit SDB 7 and Tussy Deese Unit PN 5 very shallow wells in 32-1N-3W.

I still see Casillas on the pending OCC cases from 2020 for the Sycamore and Woodford. I do not see Camino on the respondents list, but that could have changed since the horizontal well respondents list came out in 2020.

You are correct. I mistakenly looked at the wrong section. We have another section being operated by Camino. Thank you again for your help.

It looks as though the wells referenced above (SDB 7 and PN 5) were spud on Oct. 15 and Oct. 21 respectively. Although bound by our old vertical lease, should we still expect division orders from the new production. As always, thank you for all the help.

Yes you should see DOs if they are productive & your minerals are in those spacing units.