Any new news on 23 01s 04w received an offer looking for more

Any new news on 23 01s 04w, stephens Co. I received an offer but looking for better.

89Energy has filed quite a few cases at the OCC for 23- 01S-04W. You should have gotten them in the mail. Planning at least one more Woodford well and looks like a second one as well. One well will be in 23 & 26. The other well is in 14 & 23.

Robyn: see topic “1S-4W (all Sections) Fall 2018”

Offers of 3500/3/16, 3000/1/5th, 1000/1/4 in section 23. is that in the in the ballpark, or should I look for higher offers?

In my experience, almost all of my first offers have been low to the final ones negotiated in oil territory. Gas, not so much. This is 1S-4W is oil prone for the Woodford.

If those offers are to lease they look good. If they are to buy they are not even in the ballpark seems to me.

If that is to lease I’d ask for more. All they can do is say we can’t do it and most of my experience they will give more especially if it’s a first offer.

Hi there Martha! We spoke earlier about Section 22-2s-4w and the proposed contract. Echo has come back with a higher rate for 1/5. I forwarded the contract to your email with the last contract with 3/16. I think the contract language will be the same, with thew increases shown.Please let me know what you think.

…new increases shown.

What is their new offer, eli?