Any new Activity on 06N-04W

I think the section is 28. I heard there was a new well drilled there. I have mineral rights to this section but cannot find any information on the well.

Surface location 33-6N-4W. Name is Indultado 1-28-21MXH. A quick search shows the following. No completion report has been recorded by the OCC.

Amended permit to drill
Notification of well spud

Exhibit showing map and drilling plans

Thank you so much for that. It is more info than I have been able o get in weeks!

Since your response, I have learned that there is a division order coming soon. May I ask when the production of the well will be posted? Is it before the order or after? Completion date?

I am thinking about ultimately selling my mineral rights to this area.

Also, how can one find out the production of surrounding wells in the area. I have no idea where to look. Thanks again! N

Production on the Indultado is posted. Search in section 21. You can search any well in the tax base. I usually start with the bottom hole as most are posted that way. Use leading zero in the description if needed. If you are considering selling, then consider the possibility of future wells and what their value may be. Also, you may have capital gains tax.

I have acreage nearby and have watch the offers go up as these new wells have come online.

Thanks to you Martha being on the forum. Our family now has a great lease in 23 06N-04W because of you sharing and helping so much. Newfield has drilled a well that started producing in May of this year. It is TDR 0604 1H-14X. My understanding is that it will produce mainly oil from both 14 and 23. Our family sent request letters for the 12% interest, as the Division Orders Dept. did not get payments set up at the end of the first 6 months of production. I was able to get some figures from the Revenue Department, as nothing was posted on this well as of last week. The production has been: May 4,295 BBL oil June 11,798 BBL Oil July 8 ,922 BBL Oil August 7,576 BBL Oil If anyone has more information please let me know. I believe that the information is not out, and the Division Orders Department has not finished their work, because this all seemed to us to come together very quickly, and I think Newfield just extended the well in 14 through 23.
I do not have access to the OCC databases yet, so get information over the phone from the various companies, as they are able to share. If anyone has more information it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Charlie I too have an interest in this well but have had no luck with contacting the DO folks at Newfield. Any information you could share would be great. Feel free to reach out directly

I am not sure yet with the new system how to post to you directly. I just typed up a long reply but it is very long, since I am very wordy. So, I will save it a bit. I happened to exchange emails with Division Orders one day a while ago, however it was a mistake on their part I think. They are so busy that they do not have the staff to talk with folks directly. Owner Relations at Newfield is great, the number is 866-415-4470. They can give info on the production for what I posted, but they don’t have more information as of yesterday. I think the company got overwhelmed when the court approved an emergency order to drill earlier this year. Again, this is conjecture on my part.

You can watch the production at the OK Tax site. May is posted, so you add it to your other numbers. Look it up under 23 06N 04W.

Thanks for your kind words. We all help each other out the best we can.

Thank you Martha. I checked the production, and then we also received our first check just before the end of December. We put in a request for interest and I imagine it will come separately, as they started in May and made the first payment the end of December. Thank you once again !