Any new activity in LeFlore?

I have an offer on the table. A really low offer. Wondering if there is much happening in 7N-25E, 8N-27E, or 9N-27E or anywhere in LeFlore for that matter.

I see three leases over in 13-3N-22E in the last 999 days. Pooling for in 13, 14, 15-3N-22E $25 1/8th over there. Nothing close to you at this time.

Okay, good to know. That also explains the low offer we received.

BTW, there is something odd going on with replies to some of my recent posts. Normally when I look at my email to see latest postings to the MRF I will see a link to go to the forum website to read more info or reply. Lately, when I receive a reply to my post I do not see any link to MRF website, so I just reply to the email. This of course does not work. I think I need to go directly through the forum to have that link and to clear the moderator. Am I right? I probably should be going directly to the forum moderator or tach support but I am not proficient enough with the website to know how to do this. So I am handing this off to you Martha, because you can fix anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t get many emails either, so must be a software “thing”. Some days they come and some they don’t. I just make it a “favorite” log into the MRF website and read everything there. Easier to type and see all the comments made before in the posting stream.

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