Any new activity for 1S 5W?

I was just wondering if anyone had any information about some of the new drilling going on in 1S 5W?

Hope your week is going amazing! Kimberly

If you give a section that you are interested in, we can be more specific with a reply. Due to the nature of the faulting in this area, results will vary greatly from section to section.

What sections are good and what sections are bad? How do you find out?

Only time will tell. Until the wells are drilled and produced, we don’t know what kind of dinosaurs died where and if they did, how big they were. In short, geology is different for every zone in each section.

In Stephen’s County the value of acreage varies greatly, I would be doing you a disservice by giving you an average price per acre without knowing at least the section. You can find out which sections are better than others by researching well reports and lease/deed records through the OCC or other services such as idoc and online county record databases.

Areas that have lots of recently filed deeds and leases most likely have new activity, which is a promising sign. You really never know the value of your minerals until the royalty check comes in, or you sell them. In Stephens, you have a much better chance of making good money by selling your minerals to an eager operator rather than waiting on a royalty check.

You might think that you are missing out on potential revenue by selling, but it is quite the opposite. If an operator can not acquire enough acreage for a new project, no project ever gets done.

vaok, would you elaborate on this? I’m curious because I’ve wondered if there was ever a scenario where the minerals were more valuable to an operator than to the owner.

What confuses me is, why does the operator need to “acquire acreage”? Wouldn’t the operator go through the permit process and if approved, drill? Then, if they start producing, pay HBP owners their current royalty percentage and negotiate leases with the remaining un-leased owners? As you can see, I’m new to this and don’t understand all the situations and steps involved.