Any Leasing in the Terryville and/or Hope area?

Is there much leasing going on in either of these areas? I have 160 acres and 120 acres respectively.

recently helped clients with tracts in the Byrd Lockhart Survey, A-26, and the Lavaca School Land Survey, A-290, Lavaca County.

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What can you tell me about leases in the area?

I wish i knew something to tell you… I have unleased property located off Hwy 111/ CR 435 and off Hwy 111/US77 on CR438. I haven’t had any contacts on either location and was just curious if there is leasing activity nearby. i know this is not in the “hot spots” of DeWitt and NW Lavaca Co. I have one property already leased in DeWitt and another that the deep sand lease doesn’t expire until this summer (i think).

We are landowner representatives with considerable experience in the Eagle Ford (+100,000 acres). We negotiate leases on behalf of the land and mineral owner. There are some leases being taken and there are permits filed for that area.

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Eric Ormond