Any leasing happening in the area of Block 55, TWP 7?

Has anyone in that general area had leasing inquiries lately? We have interests in Sec. 16 of that block (A-5303). I know that there was some interest in the general area a year or two ago - a couple of people here posted about it - but I haven't seen any posts recently. TIA for any info.

blk 56, sec 16 recently leased for $4K/acre. BHP drilling on blk 56 sec 6

Thank you, Rhea.

In light of recent leasing activity in Reeves, I'm bumping this from earlier this year.

We also have land in Block 55, Township 7. I got a call from a land man with Clayton Williams last week but haven't returned his call yet. I am trying to find out the current lease rate also.

What section number are you? From where we are located (Sec. 16), there are some crummy older CW wells about four miles to our east, a couple of very nice new Primexx wells about six miles to our east, and a very nice new CW well about five miles to our NE. If you are anywhere near the good wells your lease bonus should be high. I have no exact info about what lease bonuses are in our area, however. Bonuses in hotter areas of Reeves seem to be going at $3000 and up, from what I am reading here, but Block 55, Twp. 7 is not one of the hotter areas.

Scotsy, I think you are actually to the NE of us. The Sec. 2 to the NW of us is in Block 56. Anyway, if you are to the NE of us, you are very close to that good new CW well. We wouldn't consider leasing for $800 down where we are, farther away from that well. Best luck to you.

Oh yes Liz. We are NE of you. My mistake. Thanks for info about the CW well!