Any Leasing Activity Near 7-19n-20w Dewey County

Checking for knowledge of any leasing activity and rates in Dewey County. 7-19n-20w

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Yes, there was quite a bit of leasing in 7-19N-20W back in 2017 from mostly Armor Energy and Prairie Oil & Gas. Those leases will start expiring in early 2020.

M_Barnes is spot on from what I found as well.

it looks like there was some decent activity back in 2016 and 2017. here are some companies in this area who have leased in the last couple of years:

  1. Striker Land Services - s35-20n-21w (2miles NW of you) - 7/19/16 - $800 per acre - 3/16
  2. Ruidoso Resources - s31, 20n-20w (2 Miles directly N of you) 1/19/16 - $467 per acre - 3/16
  3. Tapstone Energy - s35-20n-21w (2miles NW of you) -7/19/16 - $1278 per acre - 3/16
  4. Central Midcon Exploration - s16-19n 21w (3-4 miles sw of you) - $1233 per acre 3/16

Things may have slowed in this area but it never hurts to reach out to as many groups as you can to try and get more information and as many offers as you can.

I also checked what documents have been filed in your specific section according to which gives you a look at the activity based on how many leases were filed recently and didnt see much. here is the link to the ok records search for your section.

good luck!

thanks so much! appreciate the info.