Any information that could help me


have 50 acres . In Grady County. cunningham well x2 and pudge well anyone know any info in that area. i think it is 5 6n6w



What exactly do you want to know?
Cunningham 1-5H as been online since 2014. Continental has an increased density plan moving ahead. Chester wells. You should have gotten all the mailings. Maps are in the exhibits. Surface location in 32-7N-6W

Pudge is in section 6& 7. Been online since 2016. Looks like some new permits going from 21 into 6, Kathryn wells. Again, if you have minerals, you should have the mailings.



Ok still learning. Cunningham is part of mine and pudge. What is an increased density plan. No mailings get stuff taken care of tomm. Just asking questions. I knew cunnigham is producind 2 wells. Pudge nothing as far as i know.



An increased density is a request for more wells to be drilled. You can look up the order on the OCC OAP website. Check that your name and address is correct on the respondents list and contact the attorney if it is not. Tell him/her that you are missing all the mailings.

The case number is 201809894. The link for section five increased density for Continental is OAP

The case for Section 6 increased density is 201810603.
The case for Section 7 increased density is 201901653. The attorney’s contact info is: CONTINENTAL RESOURCES, INC. P.O. BOX 269091 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73126 Contact Name: ERIC R. KING Contact Phone: 405-235-5500

The Pudge has been online since 2016, so you need to contact Continental and see what you need to do to get into pay status.