Any info on well being drilled just east of Meadow?

I did not know until just before Christmas that Smith Energy was drilling a well east of Meadow. Does anyone have any info? Interestingly, a landman representing Smith called and asked if I would be interested in leasing a quarter section we have about 6 mile south of the well being leased. Wonder why they are inquiring about new leases. Any info much appreciated.


Only thing I see at this time is that the spud date(begin drilling)was December 13, 2016. This is a 12,000' vertical wildcat well named 'Doak 17'.........It's good that they are interested in more leases



Clint Liles

I was told that drilling has stopped (local guy) and rig has been moved off site. Interesting that company is seeking additional acreage south of the Doak 17 location.

Smith Energy must have got a reasonable showing. They may have found what they were after before they got to the 12,000' mark. Let's hope so.

Clint Liles

If I find out any more, I will let you know.

Great....The folks of Terry County could use some good news. That would make for a 'Happy New Year'. Thanks Gene.

Clint Liles

Smith has been active over the past 12 months in the southwest lynn county area. They drilled 4-5 wells, leased a section and a 1/4 about a year ago from us, drilled in May (dry hole). But 350ft south of us they have a producing well (+-84bpd), and two other producing wells south of it by +-350ft. Obviously, we're hoping they drill another one on our land as its hard to get a dry hole and see them hit 3 producing wells a stones throw away. 9,000ft was target depth for ours and the other wells.