Any ideas on the EPA and the effect on drilling?

The EPA doesn't seem to get much attention from our Presential candidates. Any thoughts on how this topic (EPA) can gain some attention and get the public informed on how much the regulations are hurting the oil/gas industry?

Best idea that I have is to join NARO (National Association of Royalty Owners) and give financial support to both NARO itself and to its lobbying arm. Occasionally NARO will send requests for members to contact their Congressmen, which you can also do.


The presidential candidates have addressed the EPA matter on several occasions during the debates but it was not emphasised. It is not an easy task to convince the average person that the oil and gas industry brings many more positives to the table than negatives, which are used by some environmentalists which prey on persons with lack of knowledge in regards to oil and gas operations. To further complicate matters, this topic is being utilized as a major component in the political arena to win support of certain groups. Wait and watch the battle over the XL Pipeline during the next few months and observe the final outcome. I believe that some of these skeptics will wake up and agree that changes must be made, especially when they are paying $5.00/gallon or higher for fuel.