Any idea on what an oil lease would cost here?

We have land on township 11 North, range 58 West, sections 13, 24, and part of 25. Our lease just expired, and we were wondering how much we should ask for a new lease per acre.

Here’s more info. We’ve had 3 wells on our land that have produced a total of 142,347 barrels of oil and 290,463 MCFs of gas. One well was drilled in September 2013 and the other two were drilled in September 2014.

If those wells are still producing your interest would be held by that same lease.

If your wells are still producing and you are getting royalties, then your lease is in the secondary term which is long as production lasts.

If the wells are no longer producing, then request a release of lease from your operator(s). Someone on the forum more familiar with Weld County may have more recent lease guidance.

Are you sure you have the correct location? I don’t see any wells in Sections 13,24 & 25 in 11N-58W

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