Any Horizontal drilling near Section 14 & Section 22/Block 35, Martin County Texas

January 22, 2019


Any horizontal drilling near Martin County Tx Sec 14 or 22?

Now we need to know if your minerals are in Block 35 T1N, 35T2N, 35 T3N or 35 T1S?


Clint Liles

Thank you! The Block is 35 T1N. Wish I knew where you queried that information and how to see abstract A-743.


This is the link I use to get most of this information:

to the East about 1 /2 miles DE3 Operating has got 5 approved locations(looks like 2 locations). These wells have stacked locations.

The well API numbers to the East of you are:

317-41798 spud(begin drilling) Nov. 13, 2018

317-41799 spud(begin drilling) Dec. 01, 2018

317-41800 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

317-41801 spud(begin drilling) Dec. 26, 2018

317-41802 spud(begin drilling) Dec. 19, 2018

To the West about 1 1/2 miles XTO Energy, Inc(Division of Exxon) is very active. There are some very good oil/gas combination wells in this area. Some of the major operators/producers in this area are XTO Energy, DE3 Operating, SM Energy, Energen Resources Corp.

GIS map of Martin County Section 14/Block 35 T1N/A-743////////Section 22/A-773 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

In December 2018 Endeavor Energy assigned some of its leased interests in Martin County to XTO. I would advise anyone who has a lease with Endeavor to check with them to see if they were assigned to XTO. Could mean horizontal drilling in the near future on your holdings.

Thank you so much for your response. How does someone go about knowing of change in lease holder, if you don’t mind me asking.

Are you suggesting I contact Endeavor or contact XTO. A have a lease with Endeavor for all of sec 14. Lots of horizontal drilling around including XTO.

I would suggest contacting Endeavor first Suzie, they are hard to get info from if you ever get to talk to them, but try them first to determine if your leased holdings were assigned to XTO. Fortunately for me, my landman informed me of this action by Endeavor and told me my holdings were in the assignment to XTO. Your Sec. 14 is close to my Sec. 9, so I feel sure you were reassigned to XTO, but have no way of knowing for sure. It is not a change of lease holder as I understand it. Endeavor still holds the lease on existing production on these lands, but Endeavor is allowing XTO to drill on Endeavor leased land. Not sure what their deal is exactly with XTO…only that XTO is drilling on Endeavor leased land that Endeavor has assigned to them. Hope this info helps some.

Briley Minerals, Austin, TX is really pushing us to sell our 79 mineral acres in Blk 35 Sect 12 for $920k. 2 months ago they offered 1mil 250k for 400 acres but have since changed their minds. My letter actually said they did not want to put all their eggs in one basket bc Martin Co is not a good risk. I am not seeing that at all. Can someone tell me if their offer is a good one?

Even without knowing the block, I’d say it’s not that good of an offer at all. They’re pushing you because they don’t want you to get an honest offer before you take theirs.

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Your info re: XTO leasing your minerals etc has put Briley Oil in competiton for our NMO &NRO. Our landman talked to XTO this week and they are very interested in my 105 acres in Sect 12 Blk 35. Briley’s 1st offer for all mineral rights in March’19 was 1 mil 250k per 105 acres of our land (we had 420). They withdrew their offer in April and offered 950k. My family sold 315 acres (240 NRA) to them, but I held back my 105. Last week Briley started sending me letters pressuring me to take their latest deal which is even lower@ 920k. They said I had 79 NMA, but they were wrong I have 79 NMA. Briley said they didn’t want to put all their “eggs in one basket” meaning our entire section but that’s not what I’m hearing.There are 4 Endeavor wells on Sect 12. Thank you for posting your deal w XTO on this forum, it’s helping me come to a better decision. I hope this made sense; I’m bit confused bc Briley’s offer is confusing.

Sounds like they are just too over exposed to that area and aren’t willing to pay full price for your acreage. If you are interested in selling your interest at a better price I would reach out to other mineral acquisition companies.

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Hope it helped you in making a decision. More than happy to help fellow mineral owners if I can. Wishing you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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I couldn’t find the lead on what XTO offered now I’m curious.

Did XTO try to haggle the price for your minerals/lease? Did they threaten to take the deal off the board if you didn’t respond by a certain date? What is a normal (estimate) time to think over offers from the oil companies wanting our minerals, etc?

I did not sign with XTO, it was a reassignment by Endeavor. Endeavor has been reassigning their leases with XTO for a while. We were assigned in Dec. 2018 which skyrocketed our value per NMA.

So what were you offered by XTO and endeavor

I just talked to a Landman from Huston yest-he’s friend of family. As a favor he perused the deeds and drilling permits for Martin county and discovered Endeavor is selling their interest to the highest bidder including landmen, not just operators. These flippers are buying up blocks of land with wells already pumping and their operator/affiliate oil co will be cherry picking sections they can drill horizontally. All of our Endeavor wells are 40+ years old so they need to be re evaluated but Briley bought them this month. It pays to know what is going on in your own county, block & section.

Debfaj, did Briley break down their offer in terms of NRA or NMA? The $/NRA or $/NMA is going to be your best basis for evaluating the offer in hand. I assume your lease provides for a 1/8 royalty since it’s 40 years old.

Briley found an old deed that stated 79 nma per 100, but it was superseded by my grandmothers land/deed which gave each sibling 105 NMA. So these cats made their offer on 79 making it sound more lucrative; 10k per nma but it was really just 6k bc the contract said they were buying ALL of the Minerals. However, our landman caught how they were manipulating the number of NMA to their advantage. Briley doesn’t know I have a 2 Pro Landmen and a contract nego advising me. So far all pro advisers are saying not to take less than 15k per nma. We have a new offer for 16500 nma as of last Friday and more coming in. No offers for leasing/drilling have come in, just mineral hunters. I hope this made sense! lol