Any help Appreciated


Two years ago I was notified of property (small) that had supposedly three wells in Reeves county Texas; don’t know if they were producing. Being on social security, I decided to research the records pertaining to this myself, along with a few hints from people I met along the way. After filing all the necessary paperwork , I obtained an appearance before a judge. I represented myself, the judge evidently had none of the paperwork that had been filed and asked me to present what I had. I had been given advice on what to present. After the proceedings, all attorneys, I Including the company that held the lease agreed I was the rightful heir, the judge said he would take;this under consideration. Can anyone tell me what is going on? And, how long does the judge have to make a ruling?


Hi Judy!

The Court Clerk’s Office, whether it be the County Court or the District Court, should be able to tell you the status of your case.

But even if a Judgment has been rendered, establishing your ownership, the company(ies) involved may have some additional requirements you may have to address.


Thank you Charles. My understanding is everything has been satisfied with all parties except the judge and that includes the company that holds the lease. Do you know how long the judge can sit on his decision. I was told by one of the attorneys, it could be one month or two years; on other words, as long as he likes.


Thank you Charles.


Call his office. Maybe he just needs a little reminder.


Will try next week after the holiday.


You need to find out what the judge’s order was. Let us know if this helps you. Good luck, Bob Malone


He made no order. All he said was he would take under consideration. Thank you for you response.


You need to check to see if the case has been dismissed with prejudice or without prejudice. If it is without prejudice, you can refile your case. Your best friend is to keep asking questions until you are 100% informed.


Thank you Robert. I will do that!


Judy, have you called the Court Clerk’s Office yet?


Tried last week and they were out for the week. Will try again this week. I don’t think I will get any help though. But fingers crossed.