any drilling or leasing going on in Jack County?


we have mineral rights out of the Isaac Highson SyrveyNo. 256, recorded in Vol.22, Page, 254 of the Jack County deed records.

If anyone i.e. familiar with this area, please share anything you know.

Thanks/John O'Neil


Jack County, Texas A(Abstract) 256/I. Hughson Survey

John, the last activity I find for A-256 is a saltwater injection well completed March 2007(API 237-39071)

Lots of older wells that are still producing and numerous plugged oil wells in this area.

GIS(Geographic Information Survey)map for Jack County A-256/I. Hughson Survey:


This link is to all approved permits for Jack County from October 01, 2017 through April 21, 2018.....

31 approved permits/4 pages....

CLICK ON LEASE NAME TO VIEW PERMIT|1003=09|1004=237|1005=beginsWith|1008=beginsWith|1012=beginsWith|1015=beginsWith|1024=10%2F01%2F2017|1025=04%2F21%2F2018&rrcActionMan=H4sIAAAAAAAAAM1Qy07DMBD8mnKM1o-UcNhDVMGZR0UPUQ9uYqWW8tLaESD541kHkCDljLjYu7Pj8exEAYAyChAorojqsg5uHB5raio44oK_2JOZJi8zHmc-mGCz8JrNfqPKApghcSPvbg8llyqVDbmuc0N7b6l3wT_Mlt4-ZLNmZJLG3obz2OzHnek6BnIkG2Ya9uOTNVSfGSoQLtxUfpmW1PpsMmT6Z9PNdjHJH8NNujVKdZ2KHE-2dYM_uJD0WPBHL-SqX_GlRgG8Cwg-JIikKXMEndpPrFg5FH-Xl__KaYuTaS19y-PX8MSxWvOSWdRR8p5RoRJRo4KYM7Rl6PL9fwv_HevjMrG5AgAA

Clint Liles


Thanks Clint....sounds like not much new going on.


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