Any drilling activity

This amendment and permit approved April 04, 2019. Centennial Resources/Drill pad in Section 47 and ending in Section 35.

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 38/Block 52 T7S/A-1702:



Approved permit 389-36663 spud date 03/21/2019

Approved permit 389-36664 spud date 08/25/2018

Approved permit 389-36665 No spud date noticed

Clint Liles

Centennial has 3 Barracuda wells permitted with surface location close to the south line of section 47 and running north to the north line of Sec 38. Two of the 3 were permitted 01/04/18 and haven’t been completed or produced that I can tell. The third permit was approved 11/17/2018. Don’t know if they had gone forward and are drilling or not. Anyone else have any better info? I’d say that’s a low number for them to offer and yet it’s big enough that it may indicate they expect these wells/area to produce well.

Why would they offer 38k per mama unless they could flip it from more? Or perhaps they want to drill in which case just lease the mineral rights?

Thanks Clint, this is invaluable information.

I found the completion info for the Barracuda B well spud in 2018 on the RRC site. Looks like a very good oil/gas producer. Hence the 2nd well? Wonder what my 20 acres in Section 38 will bring in? :laughing:

I have a question. If a well runs thru my Section as Clint posted above, I’m entitles to royalties. right? The top hole and the bottom hole are in two different sections than ours are in, in Section 38 Block 52, T7S, T&P RR Co Survey. This is for the Barracuda well completed in December 2018. Thanks.

Hey Clint, could you find permit information on this area. PLEASE E/2 of Section 295, Block 13, H&GN Ry. Co. Survey, Reeves County, TX

If the wellbore is producing from your property’s minerals, as in a horizontal extension going through your property that has perforated and fractured your portion of the horizontal extension you are definitely entitled to a royalty if you own the mineral rights. I can not believe, however, that any company would take on the risk of developing and producing properties that they had not leased from the owner(s) of that property.

If they did, I suggest that you simply take the whole company over through the courts. Of course, you will be liable to pay what is owed each month to the other mineral rights owners once you take over.

Thanks Stephen,

Section 38 was leased by us in August of 2018. I’m still confused about Clints post above showing the Barracuda wells going thru Section 38. Bottom hole is section 35 and top hole is section 47. The wells run the entire length of sections 47 and 38. See Clints post above to see what I’m talking about. Also does Texas have any laws on when Division Orders should be received? I’ve heard 6 months. Thanks.

DIf the acreage of the lease where a well has been drilled is 1240 acres and I own 20 acres in the lease does that mean my royalty is multiplied like so: 20 divided by 1240 multiplied by my lease Royalty of 25%? My figure is .0040322. Can that equation be right? Thanks.

That is the correct formula for determining your share of production from the lease well.

Thanks Allen,

So Centennial has also spudded the Barracuda A, C, and D wells in March that encompasses our Section 38. That is in addition to the Barracuda B well that we are awaiting division orders on. Texas has about 6 months to get Division Orders out right?

I emailed Centennial at their owner relations email address to inquire when I might expect Division Orders. I won’t hold my breath getting an answer though.

So I get an email from Centennial saying the updated title opinion was in the hands of the land man and Division orders would be issued as soon as possible. It’s been 7 months since first production, isn’t that ample time or am I allowed to ask for interest in Texas?

Received a division order for the Barracuda "B"well in Section 38, Block 52, T7S, T&P RR Co Survey Reeves County from Centennial yesterday. Am happy with the decimal interest (which our land man is verifying) even if Centennial pooled the section with another entire section. Centennial is in the process of drilling three more Barracuda wells and I am excited to see what the first check is. It’ll have about 7 months worth of production on it for the B well.

How many acres was that for?

In the barracuda/centennial lease the lease encompasses approximately 1240 acres. Three different sections are involved. A production sharing agreement arrived on this well as well as for the three other ones being drilled. Our landsman (lady) had us sign, notarize, and return it.

I share a very small portion of block 13, section 217 with other owners. If this well eventually becomes productive, will I be notified automatically if a check will be due to me? Or do I need to contact the company for information. Since my portion is microscopic, I’ve been very passive about it but now am getting curious.

If you are leased and a well is drilled with production, you will get a Division Order to confirm your ownership decimal. It takes about four-six months after first sales. They are supposed to pay you within 120 days from first sales. You do have to sign the DO in Texas is order to get paid.

Yes, I am leased. Thank you very much for your reply!