Any drilling activity


Any drilling activity near this lot?
Blk: 45 Tract: 37 AB 3498 SEC 37 BLK 45 PSL
Acres: 19.430 near Pecos Reeves County, TX


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Zenia…as surface owner you can collect an overriding royalty on operations of businesses such as a Saltwater
Disposal Well or a Brine Station supplying 10 pound brine to drilling operations…or the operation of
a fresh water supply station to supply drilling and frack water to drilling operations. With the surface, for which
you can collect ‘damages’ for pipeline Rights of Way across your property, you also own the fresh water
in the aquifers under your property. Developers will sell that water by the 42 gallon barrel to drillers for
about 50 cents per barrel…and typically they don’t want to pay you over 15 cents per barrel sold…Most
will try to get you to take 5 to 10 cents per barrel.

IF your property is close to the city of Pecos city limits, you might get a surface owner’s offer to locate
a drilling pad on your property from Colgate or one of the other drilling/production companies that are
drilling horizontal wells for gas and oil production under the city of Pecos.

IF you get any offers…ALWAYS get a lawyer to represent you in any negotiations. There are several good
legal representatives associated with this forum…I recommend you seek them out before you agree to

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Tx


Thanks for this valueable info Lawrence.


How will I know if I own the mineral rights? Is there a way to find out who owns the mineral rights of this lot?


Send a message to the Reeves County Tax Assessor Collector’s office (RCTAC) in Pecos, Texas (79772 zip) giving them the description of the property…they

will have the mineral owners of record mailing addresses…ask them and see if you are listed as a mineral owner.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen,Tx

Lawrence Rayburn


Often the Appraisal Office does not have a list of mineral owners unless the minerals are producing as nonproducing minerals are not taxed. They always have list of surface owners and, for wells, the royalty and overriding royalty interest owners.


FYI; New well spudded on north boundary of Block 13, Section 217 the 4th of August by Henry Oil Company. Horizontal well…no particulars on it yet. Mineral owner is member of this forum. Location is about 2.4 miles east of Hwy 17 near the east extension of Reeves CR330.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen