Any drilling activity in Lea County T-18-S, R-38-E?


Hi everyone - Interested to know if anyone’s familiar with this area in Lea and if there’s been any leasing/drilling activity this year? We have interests in Sections 11, 14 and 24. Thanks!


Did a quick search on OCD for Section 11- doesn’t appear to be a lot of activity at this time… You can search for the other sections here as well: OCD Permitting - Wells


Ok, thanks for your help Brit!


I like to read the well activity report for all of New Mexico every Sunday night after it updates at 10.00pm Pacific standard time. I’ve noticed some activity in and around Hobbs a permit in S10, 18S38E, About 5 weeks ago and some well completions three weeks ago in for 2 wells, 17S38E, Oil, San Andreas formation, No production test amounts. You can find a link for weekly activity report on the New Mexico Oil and Gas Conservation Commissions home page.


Thanks for that link, I have minerals in that location as well and was wondering the same thing.