Any Drilling Activity here?

I have mineral rights in T156, R99, S18 and 19. Just wondering there are any new wells up in that area.

Continental had quite a few more wells (#2-12) permitted to infill those sections. Late 2019 and early 2020. Some are listed as DRLG (driling) and some are listed as NC (Not Completed). COVID slowed everything to an almost standstill, so time will tell as to when they get completed. Some were cancelled. You can look them up on the ND oil and gas commission website.

Is there any other view to see these wells other than the map? I find it quite difficult to navigate but I’m sure that’s a me problem and not the website.

If you type in, you can find lists of the wells. You can search several different ways.

Okay so when I look at the list of wells is there a certain way to tell if one that has been recently drilled or that is in construction that will touch my part? Like with horizontal drilling

Many companies include the name of the section in their well name. In your case, you are looking for the Irgens Rexall wells. They have 19H in their names. When you go to the well list, there are codes that list the status such as A-Active, DRLG-Drilling, etc. See the upper left corner for the list. It really is better to look at the map to see where the wells impact your acreage. Go to the GIS map server box. It tries to open to your full screen, so grab a corner of it and make it a bit smaller so it will work better. Then use Find Well is you know the name or Find Section if you do not. Type in 156 for the Township, 99 for the Range and then 18 or 19 for the section. Select Zoom to Section button. It will zoom right into your area. If it hangs up and says something like “request not received,” make your window smaller again. (I had to call them to see why it would not work.) Something about a big display throws it off. You should see this:

You have the East Fork field. The map gives you the location. The list of wells gives you more information about what is going on at this point in time. Some have been drilled and completed, some drilled, but not completed, and some were cancelled.

Thank you so much for all of your very helpful info, you have no idea how grateful I am!! I have one more question. I found all of the info I needed thanks to you, no I am just curious when it says “DRL” because it’s drilling how long does the drilling process take before it starts producing? Sorry if my question isn’t properly asked.

In ND, it depends upon the weather and the takeaway system. In a general sense, it usually takes about four-five months to drill and complete a two section well. However, if they drill a bunch of wells in the same sections sequentially, that will stretch the time out. They usually frac all of them at the end. Winter weather and spring floods can slow that down. COVID financial contractions slowed everything down last year, so that remains to be ramped up (hopefully). What pipelines, trains, or trucks are available to take away the crude and pipeline for gas (if not flared) are also part of the equation. SO… hard to give you an exact answer-especially this year (2020) and early into next year (2021). I find it helpful to follow the quarterly presentations by my operators to see what they are talking about and what plans they reveal to their investors. I watch my wells on the state websites to monitor progress.

can you type in that address and change state information can you access other states same way?

Are you on the right thread? Not sure what your question is about.

I might not be. I know that there have been permits around the area where my minerals are and they are really pushing for a lease sign. But they don’t want to make any changes I want and backtracking on Pugh clause. Best I can determine it will be horizontal and from what I see deepest depth 9900 but not particularly on the abstract # where my minerals are at. But looks 2nd on list from pentration point site. Not 100% what that means when they refer to different sites as 1st and 2nd sites.

In addition the lease mentions nothing i see about deprh

Many first drafts of leases will not have a depth clause on them hoping that mineral owners don’t ask as they want to lease from just below the surface to the center of the earth. You will not often see exact numeric depths mentioned in a depth clause (such as 10,000’). Most of them refer to a geologic zone (not my favorite as that is open to interpretation) or references to particular producing perforations (more favorable as backed up by data) and 100’ below.

Not sure about your reference about “1st and 2nd sites” unless you give the complete wording.

One says injection point it was off the W-1 I saw online It also talked about depth etc.

Can’t help unless I can read it. Are you talking about perforations?

Yes that is what I was talking about. Can you explain please.

I cannot comment until I see the paragraph in the document as I do not want to steer your wrong. Please post a picture or type in the words.

Received a new drilling letter from the Hess boys for a 6 section unit well. Own a tiny interest. Do we have any leverage working lease terms at all these days versus the wonderful choice of going non-consent and then possibly becoming a working interest owner ?

If you already have production on the section, then you are held by the previous lease terms. Hard to answer correctly without a section, township and range. In general, tiny acreage positions have less leverage than large positions.

If you are held by a precious pooling order, the same applies if the new wells are in the same formation covered by the order. The infill wells are drilled under the same provisions and you do not have the opportunity to renegotiate.