Any Casillas Updates

We received a veritable FLURRY of Corporation Commission paperwork in 2018 concerning Section 26 in Garvin County. Suddenly, all has gone quiet and interestingly the calls to Casillas Petroleum are answered by a ‘THIRD PARTY’ service promising a response from the company within 5 days. Of course, there are no responses from Casillas. I’m wondering if this company has pulled the same “PAYMENTS IN SUSPENSE” BS on us that Newfield and Noble have in the past. We received endless paperwork for Increased Density, Multi-unit Horizontal Wells and Well Spacing Hearings. Now I’m wondering if Casillas suddenly cannot “FIND” the very same mineral owners that have been endlessly contacted. Does anybody have any info on this issue. Thanks!

Casillas is behind on several units. In Section 26-3N-3W, Casillas drilled the Long 1-35-26WXH and Apex 1-23-26WXH wells, both had first production on 8/30/2018. Be patient and know that they owe you interest on your revenue, effective first production, at the rate of 12% per annum as per state statute. Be sure to send them a letter stating the same.

After a quick review, I don’t find anything new for Section 4-2N-3W.


Todd, thanks so much for responding. I’m fairly certain they have put our funds in suspense. I’ve tried contacting Casillas to no avail. I really appreciate your help on this. Do I need to respond solely by mail? They seem to have made it virtually impossible to reach them by phone.

It is wise to send all correspondence by return receipt certified mail so you have a paper trail of who received your letter (and keep copies of everything). Put your name, address, legal location, well name and if you just inherited, the name of the previous owner in the header.

Thank you for responding, M_Barnes. Absolutely! It is incredibly difficult to contact them. The young lady (third party) answering the phone goes through an entire spiel with her specialty song and dance instructional about how Title Searches work, then how Division Orders get issued. I didn’t want to sound rude, but she is basically sweeping everything under the rug and trying to fast talk anybody that calls in with questions. Sadly, it gives me a glimpse of the type of company Casillas is. Zero accountability to Mineral Owners. I’ve dealt with many companies. Even the difficult ones seem to have an information infrastructure in place.

It is frustrating, but if they owe you money after the 180 days, you may get interest at 12% if your title is clear. There are hundreds of owners in each section, so it takes months to track everyone down and get a title report. If you have two or more sections in a well, it takes even more time. I usually wait about eight months after first sales before I contact them.


It probably wont’ make you feel any better, but they don’t treat me any different. I’ve been doing this for 35+ years. All companies are different. You will get paid & with interest, if you send them a letter.

Respectfully, Todd M. Baker

They actually contacted me directly from the company after I researched their COMPANY email. I let them know doing business through third parties and being given the run-around by scripted operators was no longer working for me. Sadly, the squeaky wheel gets greased. Thanks for your help.

Thanks so much, Todd. They contacted me after directly emailing their Company. The song and dance given by the third party answering service was insulting. They realized that operators answering phone calls were doing more harm than good. I appreciate your help!!!

We also have gotten a lot of pooling papers from Casillas for 27&34 2 n3w then have heard nothing in 8 months

The spacing order was approved in April for 34-2N-3W.

We just had the will probated and have royalties in 34 &27 2 n 3w

You will need to contact Castell Oil Company for section 27 & 34. Do it quickly. There is a pooling pending. They will need proof of the probate. Red Rocks also has a pooling in 34. You also need to file your name and address in Garvin County Clerk’s office with proof of your title. If the probate was not from Oklahoma, it will have to also be done in OK. Richard Winblad has quite a few posts along that line.

CASTELL OIL COMPANY, L.L.C. 1528 APACHE PLUME ROAD, SUITE 300 FORT WORTH, TX 76109 Contact Name: MICHAEL D. STACK Contact Phone: 405-286-1717



Our son’s company is a contractor to Casillas and he says they pay them every 30 days just like clockwork. He thinks they are a great company to work for so I’m thinking they will pay us mineral owners plus our interest at 12% but are just running behind because they have drilled so many wells. We have written our registered letters and have received conformation that Casillas has received them so not really worried about when we start receiving the check because the interest is so much better than we can draw anywhere else.

Hi LINDA. Please tell your son to save a lot of his money because the boom is slowing drastically. The hz wells are having too steep a decline to be economical at today’s commodity prices. Casillas is a good company but “cash is still king”. Us mineral owners will get paid & the statutory 12% is good money. Boom to bust that is the oil business.