Any Activiy in 9N-13E, 9N-14E, 11N-14E or 10N-13E?


My family owns minerals in these areas and was wondering if anyone knows of any activity.


Calyx Energy is leasing all over 9N-13E. There’s also another company leasing in 9N-13E, 10N-13E and 9N-14E, but I wouldn’t recommend signing with them and would stick with Calyx.


Thank you.
I received a lease in the mail from a “land man” working for Caylx telling me to sign and return. I found the lease less than acceptable.

Michael Kilpatrick
By the Book
Nat. Res. Dev.


Yes, you definitely need to negotiate better terms than what’s in their standard lease, however I lost interest quick in the other company when they started out by offering $25 per acre for a 5 year lease with a 1/8 royalty!


Thank you again.

I’ll echo your advice having learned that lesson a long time ago. I think I’m a target for such low ball offers and bad lease terms because I live in FL.

Have a good weekend and remember the real reason for the upcoming holiday.

Michael Kilpatrick
By the Book
Nat. Res. Dev.