Any Activity Recently

My family owns some interests in McCone County, but we never hear of any activity there. Does Montana have a website like North Dakota does to check drilling and production?


This is the GIS maps, but if you back up on the link to the and just use it, you will have more options.

Thanks. This is very useful information.

I really like the ND site as it really helps me keep up on what is going on. My only complaint with ND is that I need to check adjacent sections or the map to see if someone has drilled into my section. Even worse, they sometimes drill into the border of my section from yet another section, get caught sucking oil from my section and then start paying even when my section is not mentioned on the well name.

McCone has never been one of Mts hotspots but that is not to say there couldnt be in the future. I own in Dawson, immediately to the East, and Valley to the Northwest. Mine are all unleased and have never had development.

I would continue ownership and pass the holdings to your heirs. My reference is ND`s Bakken development which was known for years but the early development seldom recovered drilling costs. After horizontal development expanded and the fracking methods changed it was a whole different story.


I saw some activity in the area, but nothing recent or promising. It is not costing me anything, so I can wait. Maybe, there are other valuable minerals there like rare earth minerals.

I recorded a notice of claim of mineral interests using the same form I used in ND. The recorder accepted it. Is there anything else I should do to preserve this over the long term?

Make a big huge note to your heirs as to the dates when they need to renew those documents in each state. Many folks forget to do that and then the heirs may lose their minerals by not filing in time.

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