Any activity in this area. Section 47, Block 29 -- all of the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4

This 40 acre parcel was brought into my family about 100 years ago—I am an heir but very doubtful if any ownership records have been updated.

I am new to this forum and appreciate any information that can be provided.

Call the county courthouse in loving and they can help get it all updated.

Are you or any relatives receiving any royalty payments? There are a few active wells (red circles) on the section.


If not, you could contact the current operator, which appears to be RKI Exploration & Production out of Oklahoma, and ask if they have any suspense accounts in the name of your grandparents?

Alternatively, if you are unleased, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have too much trouble finding an interested lessee.

Wow, thanks for the information on Block 29 section 47—I am in CA, never been to Texas so all this is totally new to me. I only own a small portion of Section 47–specifically about 40 acres (the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4) so not a lot and in looking at the map you posted, those wells might not be on that 40 acres–still worth checking into though. I contacted the Loving Co recorders office and they could find no record of current ownership —they did suggest a few documents to bring ownership up to date,but I am not well versed on that sort of thing. They suggested a landman might help, or possible an attorney --all that can be expensive for a few acres–but if there is interest in that area potential companies would have no way of getting in touch with current owners.
But, I thank you again very much for your information and help --little by little I may get a handle on this.

Happy to help, that’s what we’re here for. If you don’t get anywhere with RKI, you can try to piece the title together on your own or at least identify the source deed using or

Realistically, if you can get a sense of what you own (estimated net acres) and whether or not it’s leased. A leasing company or mineral buyer in that area would figure out your ownership doing their own due diligence.

Post any questions you have and I or someone else will answer them the best we can.

Hmm, ¬¬with¬¬¬¬ each note, I glean more information.

Thanks for the two websites –one did not include Loving County, so tried the other. There were some entries, but I have yet to figure out the payment process to get details. Will work on that after I get in touch with RKI—I did some internet searching on RKI and it appears it was just sold to another company

I have documents to follow the inheritance from the original deed owner to myself (and my sister as well) and I can send these to the county recorders office, but I have no idea what Texas uses as legal recordable documents. They would all be California documents.

You mentioned “net mineral acres”----interesting. So, if I have figured this out correctly, a block consists of 4 quadrants and in each quadrant is another 4 quarters of 40 acres each. So, a block contains about 640 acres—and I own only one of those quarters and I actually own only ¼ of the 40 (other relatives own the remainder). So, the net mineral acres is 10??? And from that perspective, it’s a tiny piece of the big picture—

There is no lease on the land and nothing in terms of contact from oil companies. But, from note about due diligence, IF there is interest, the oil companies will go to the trouble of finding the heirs??? My thinking has been if there is interest, how would they know who to contact---- I am third down the line in inheritance.

Your notes are so enlightening– wondering now if I should even bother to pursue trying to get the ownership in my name (and my sisters)—the land is in prime oil area from what I have been reading which is what triggered my interest.


A block is a group of Sections (each 640 acres) that were surveyed at the same time by a survey party.
A section is 1 mile square, 640 acres with 4 quadrants of 160 acres each. Each quadrant is further broken down into 4 quadrants of 40 acres each. Descriptions of property starts with the block number, the section number, the direction of the 1/2 or 1/4 of that section according to the cardinal points of the compass, and further broken down from there to 40 acre sub-quadrants where the exact metes and bounds of the property are spelled out.

Any company interested in your land for leasing will have their in-house landman do the due diligence and find the last known owner/property taxpayer for that piece of property and find them to negotiate with.
Hope this helps your understanding.

, Tx Reeves county


It’s ALWAYS worth it to get the land property tax ownership recorded at the county clerk’s office so interested oil and gas exploration companies can have their land men do the due diligence to FIND the owners when and IF they suddenly want to drill in that area…or run a pipeline through it…or build a recompressor station on a pad on the surface on it. All will present an income stream to you which is desirable. Even land that is fallow…not being used for anything but lease road access ROW, SHOULD produce enough income to pay your annual property taxes. Incidentally, the lease road rights of way for oilfield personnel to reach any wells on the property SHOULD be paying the surface land owners an annual road maintenance fee and that alone should pay your property taxes each year.

Your land is in Loving county where I know MANY of the residents and there is LOTS of interest in developing horizontal wells in the stacked shale plays there. Good fortune and lucrative deals to you and your sisters!

, Reeves county, Tx