Any activity in section 24, block 77 PSL?

new to this…and trying to find out how to determine what might be happening near my mineral rights.

Any help out there?


There is a horizontal San Andres well in the Section 1 which shares your section’s east section line, but it had only cumulatively produced 4592 barrels of oil as of May 2021. There are five plugged wells in the SW/4 of Sec 24. Have you been contacted about leasing your minerals?

currently have a lease with Orr Holdings but it expires in a few months

You can follow drilling permits on the Texas RRC’s website. Some of the oil pros on this forum have paid subscriptions to services with current leasing information, etc. Maybe one of them will read this thread and provide you with more details.

great thanks! I appreciate it


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You’re welcome. Please post updates.

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