Any Activity in SEC 35-36, BLK 58 T1S?


Hello Everyone! First time post here…I’m a newbie. I got a mail offer for $31,225 per NMA from Anthem Oil and Gas recently for mineral rights in SEC 35-36, BLK 58 T1S in the Ford Geraldine Oil Field. Is anyone aware of any activity in this area? No other offers recently besides the one from Anthem Oil. Royalty checks have been few and far between, which begs the question WHY would there be any interest to buy my rights. I have contacted Caple Royalty, Dallas, TX and they are currently researching my interests at this point and time. Anyone with any advice or thoughts on my situation? Your comments are most Welcome!

P.S. I inherited these rights, so my knowledge is limited, to say the least, about them.


ConocoPhillips has filed 3 permits for LoneStar State 1H, 2H & 3H wells. Well pad in Section 24, Blk 58, Twn 1. But each producing wellbore will run through Sections 25 and 36, Blk 58, Twn 1. Permits filed in October 2017 but not yet spud. In May 2017 Conoco filed 4 permits for Yellowfin Tuna WC 470 1H; 2H; 3H; and 4H wells. Well pads in Section 47, Blk 58, Twn 1 but the producing wellbores run through Sections 35 and 38, Blk 58, Twn 1. These wells have been drilled. Not sure if the wells have been fracked.


Thanks for the info, TennisDaze. So am I correct in thinking that these are horizontal drillings and that is why Anthem is making an offer? Any thoughts on whether $31,225 per NMA is a fair value offer? I’m looking forward to hear back from Caple Royalty as to their recommendations.