Any activity in sec 30 04n 03e?

Anyone know of any activity in N2 NE4 SE4 and E2 SE4 NE4 of sec 30 04 n 03e?

No new activity at this time. I see a Daube Company Tract-5 well with very low production on a map, but not seeing it on the OCC well records listing. It is in the SW4.

O thanks for the info I’ll add that to things to look into.

I was just wondering if the Sierra well was close to our royalties. How would I look that up so l could see where our sec. 4n3e would be. Scott

Here is a map of Garvin County with the township and ranges on it. You can mark your acreage and then you can find the Sierra well by its section, township and range to see how close by. If you are talking about the Sierra 1-23-29WXH, it is in sections 32-4N-3W about six townships away from you.

Garfield County Map.pdf (492.3 KB)

We still have not received anything on our royalty in the Sierra well. I have sent them registered letters concerning the DO’s and the 12% interest for late pay. Was wondering what limits if any they have for paying a person? What keeps them from owing us forever on the books and not having to be accountable to pay. I realize the interest is due us and that we may not have enough to worry about as far as acreage but would at least like to receive the DO’s.

Those sound like good questions for a lawyer.

Many times if you have not taken correct steps to collect monies owed, you lose your right to collect any thing older than four years and that time rolls forward each month of production going forward. At least that’s how it works in Texas. Check with the Sec of State for suspended funds. Good luck. RMB

Here is an article that will help you understand the relationship of 3W to 3E. They are six townships apart. S-T-R Legal Land Descriptions in OK_Kletke-1.pdf (59.7 KB)

And here is a map of Garvin so you can actually see it with the cities and roads included. Garvin County Map.pdf (409.8 KB)

A minimum of 24 miles, depending on where in the township the sections are.

o Wow do l have a lot to learn. Thank you for your time and help. I’ll keep trying to learn. Thanks again

I wonder how much a mineral acre in either 29 04n 03e or 30 04n 03e is worth if I was to decide to sale a few acres. I wouldn’t even consider it except for my wife needs a possible life saving procedure done.asap.

I cannot tell you a value, but that is not a very active area. There is one small oil well in the NE corner of 29, but if your acreage is not in that spacing, you have no royalties from it. There is a extremely small well in the NW4 of 30. Doesn’t look economic. Prayers for your wife’s health situation. If you have had any offers in the area, they will give you a sense of the value, but might be a bit low.

There is a Market Place topic on the forum. You could post there and see if you get any nibbles. If you do, make sure that you do not hand over a signed deed without getting full payment at the trade, not days later.