Any Activity in/near 16N 3W Sections 1&2?

My family owns mineral rights on about 250 acres in this area and we have recently received some inquiries about leases. I'm trying to determine what activity has caused this interest. I've also tried to find info on nearby wells, but have only met with limited success. We're completely new to oil and gas leases and are particularly curious about the the actual prospects of them drilling a well versus simply buying the lease for speculative reasons. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Looks like several companies are leasing. The best thing for you to do is get them in a bidding war against each other so you can secure the best bonus offer. This would be in Section 1-16N-3W.

In Section 2, Osage appears to be doing all the leasing.

I have not checked the OCC website as it is very awkward to use and I do not know how to use it very well.

Accoring to the OCC website the only thing happening in the area is that Osage has filed for a location exception in Section 5 which is one of the steps before drilling in a certain section.

From that it sounds like Osage is trying to get a play going in the area. I would consider leasing with them before any of the others. Obviously a bidding war is a good thing.

wolf 29 h is close to you