Any activity in Caddo county Sec 30, Township 6 N, Range 12W of IM?

Looking for a new lease for my parents.

They had a lease that ended in April 2011. There was a 2 year renew option but it wasn’t exercised by Amarillo Resources.

Does anyone know if a life estate mineral deed can be modified by the grantors who are still living? My parents are still living but have moved. The deed records have my address so I would think it would be easy to make contact. I have verified with the county that the lease is showing expired.

What needs to be done is to file a change of address notice with the county clerk's office, and be sure to reference the legal description of the minerals in the notice. You can contact the county clerks office for assistance.

The address on the deed is correct, I have POA for my parents and handle leasing details. They may want to change the beneficiaries of the life estate but I don’t know if they can do that now.