Any activity in 9-24S-29E

Thanks for any info to assist in sell or keep orri

No, there is no obvious current activity in Sec 9. It’s in a great zip code, it is just looks to be kind of hung up on how Oxy/EOG would develop it. The two older current E-W oriented 2nd Bone Spring wells in Sec 9 don’t help you out much as I’m sure people would prefer that Sec 9 join with Sec 4 to allow for North-South oriented 2 mile laterals.

You don’t have to look very far to find other sections with > 12 horizontal laterals. Eventually they will figure out how to do that here as well, but for now everyone has a lot of places to drill and things that are difficult are the can that gets kicked down the road.

There are new Devon permits to the East of you and new Oxy permits to the West. Map below has wells colored by spud date.

Many does look like 2 producing wells are there

Yes there are two older wells in that Section.

Juniper BIP Federal 12H in the N/2 (EOG) 3001540754 Harroun 9 3H in the S/2 (OXY) 3001541488

Online for > 5 years so you should in theory be getting paid on at least one of those. I’m assuming you own an ORRI in Fed lease NM-099034 which should mean just in the EOG well.

I owe you,more than I found doing research.ill let you know how it turns out