Any Activity around west side Canton Lake

Wake Energy offered $3750/net acre on some inherited family land close to Canton Lake. I'm a newbie with this...sorry! The first tract is 60 acres section 18, township 19 north range 13 west. The 2nd is section 20, township 19 north, range 13 west. All in Blaine County. Can anyone give me some idea if this is a good offer or should we just sit and wait for the barrel price to go up? Thanks for any help!!

We have minerals in 3-18-13 and we have been offered 2x that amount and I will not consider selling our minerals. Are your minerals currently leased ? Producing ? There are other people on this forum who are much better at explaining your options. Hang in there !

I don’t think any are leased yet. I’m still trying to find out more from the relatives.

Thanks for the info Lanny!

Martha Barnes has been very gracious and generous with her advise in this forum, and she knows what she is talking about as a geologist ! You are welcome, gather all of the info you can.

Hi Dorothy,

I am in the same position as you. I recently transferred all of my Grandmother's and Father's mineral interests into my own company. I just received a lease offer on my interests in Section 20, Township 19 North, Range 13 West. I would like to talk to you personally about your offer and compare lease offers with you in order to negotiate with the company. Please let me know if we could connect. Thank you! Chris Davison

We have received many offers as well in section 24 east of Watonga north of HWY 33, is that an indicator there may be action there soon? Several of the offers were MUCH higher than $3750/acre.