Any activity around W/2 sec 29, Blk 34, T-3-N

Any updated news, links or info. where I can find out what’s going on around my area and minerial interest.

This is a link to a well in the southwest part of your section in the Texas Railroad Commission Map Viewer: Use the magnification bar to zoom out and use the mouse or direction arrows on your keyboard to move the map. There are producing and permitted horizontal wells nearby.

Thank you I appreciate that AJ11.

You’re welcome, Jack2!

Jack you are in an awesome area!! congratulations. here are the IP’s of the SM Spackler wells in section 28 just to the east of you. this spackler lease has already produced 900,000 Bbls!

It looks like they don’t have many comps in your area, but being a landman I am familiar with this area. I’d hold onto these minerals, Looks like you are under some diamondback leasehold, and they usually drill multiple zones and laterals when they do decide to drill. I am in some of the diamondback wells on the border of the county. You have three proven zones under your section the Spraberry, Wolfcamp A, and Wolfcamp B. The IP’s I sent you each represent the Spraberry, Wolfacmp A, and Wolfcamp B respecitvely. Good Luck!

Thank you very much ! That is encouraging and helpful as well. Would you mind keeping me in mind should you learn anything that would apply to my secion. Like new and horizontal drilling. Thanks again.

FYI things are trending your way in martin county. Petro Legacy and others will likely start doing some horizontals which in my opinion will prove up the rest of NE Martin County.

OK I will do that and appreciate your reply. Has anything affected my well as of yet. Royality checks are way less than before. Hal 129 aka Hal 1-29. Also my statements did show Hal 229 for many years but now just Hal 129. Curious what that means? Thank…

Jack, it looks like a regular decline curve. Oil wells over time continue to decline as far as production goes. The good news about when wells start to really peter out the operator comes in and will rework or drill some more wells to ensure the lease is maintained in good areas like yours. It’s just a waiting game at this point!

Ok that works for me. I’ll go with all your knowledge and what you have shared today. Be in touch… Jack

We own 420 A in Martin Co Block 35 Sect 12. Briley just bought 100 A of mineral rights with offers for the other 320. Endeavor has had 3 wells on the 400 A for 15 yrs. Our landman said he thinks Briley bought Endeavor. Briley paid 1 million for 100A. Now we’re not so sure that was a very good deal compared to what I see on here. Pioneer is very interested too. The deal was April 2019. Does anyone else have dealings with Briley in Martin Co.?

Deborah, do you know the township or abstract number? $10,000/acre could be a decent deal if the property is leased at a 1/8th royalty and depending on the location. On the other hand, if the property is leased at 1/4th and is close to drilling activity, that may be a low price.

The farm land is 5 miles W of Ackerly, Tx Martin Co. Briley has offered me the same deal but I own 20 acres more. I don’t know what my brother negotiated for NRA vs NMA. The contract has not been filed in Stanton yet but the deal was finalized April 30 2019 with a certified check. I’m investigating my options now.

Deborah, is it township T3N?

Yes it is 5 miles W of Ackerly off Hwy 87.