Antique pipeline right of ways

Any comments about validity of pipeline row’s secured in 1927-1929, regarding non use, area of row other than length, replacement 90 years later, length of period of nonuse, automatic abandonment by nonuse? Remarks appreciated regarding practical as well as litigated experiences? What exactly does ingress and egress mean to surface owner? Pipeline company?

Its all about what is in or not in the document.

If there is no abandonment clause, it is technically valid forever unless it gets released in the deed records.

‘Ingress and egress’ with no other qualifiers means that the pipeline company pretty much has the ability to wander anywhere it pleases on your property.


It’s my understanding that pipe is owned by whatever entity paid for it. It may be abandoned, cut etc and float to the surface (erosion) You the landowner can’t do anything about including having it dug on your dime. There was a case a number of years ago addressing this issue out Houston. The rancher paid to have it removed but had to get to permission even though it was not producing and was eroding to surface making his livelihood in running cattle more difficult because of not being able to use machinery easily. I was approached a few years ago about pipe and wanted non of the stuff on my land and told the guy you can go around land that I own…i was labelled difficult because the dingdong told my cousin. He didn’t realized I’m related to everyone and we talk. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: oh and old pipe can oz oil and is lined with asbestos. Environmental remediation has to be involved