Anticipated Interest near T1N R66W

I have an interest (out of area Mineral Interest owner) in an undeveloped lease in T1N R66W that is nearing expiration. (I'm being general on purpose- PM if you want specifics.)

What I'm looking for is any available insight regarding who is or might be interested in writing new leases in this area.

A related question that may be difficult to answer: are there entities holding and/or writing leases in the area that Anadarko is unlikely to 'partner' with in an Area of Mutual Interest?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or insights you're willing to share.


Just checked for messages today - accepted your request

Hi Cliff, how many net acres do you have and do you have a more detailed legal description?



Legal Description: 120.00 gross acres, 41.5 NMA (I believe) (or 37.5?)
T1N R66W S12 W/2 NE/4, NE2 NE4

Currently not under lease (just expired)

I learned today that this interest has been pooled into neighboring development, so this lease is currently held under production. Actually, that's great news for me!

In fact, I understand that there are more wells in the pool being actively developed.