Antero's Royalty 'HOTLINE'

I have just called Antero again, checking on progress for 5 wells in Grant District, and once again got sent to the Antero Royalty Hotline...these people have never called me back..

any suggestions for getting some answers from a different dept.??? Thanks

You might have to do what I did. Find them on a map, drive there and look around and if they are being drilled, talk to some of the people there.

I was told first of this year they were all drilled, one had first sales and others were "waiting"...

I'm having the same problem. Numerous messages left on their hotline with no callback.

My advice to you. First of all, don't call WV hotline, call Antero in Colorado. They handle all this. Second, with Antero, wait 12 months from the time you find out the wells are drilled. Then hope that you will get a DO within the next few months. I have over 20 wells with them. Some of been producing for a year and a half. I finally had to put our attorney on them and the DO's are SLOWLY trickling in. It takes them forever to get their final title work done and they won't pay until that happens. EQT? 6 months from what little experience I have with them.

Man that's the way it always is anymore. Crazy thing is I have another attorney friend who does a ton of title opinions, I've spoken with managers in Colorado, and they've said they don't need more title attorneys. They can't get DOs out in a timely fashion but they also can't hire another attorney to do them? That's bad business. Trouble is, it's not stopping people from signing leases with Antero because Antero is the best bet for getting your minerals actually drilled right now. I wish there was something I could do to make them pay up faster. I'll have to get on Fastcase and do some research and see if there's some implied covenant or something along those lines to force them to pay up in a timely fashion.

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Have you heard anything concrete, not just speculation whether Antero or EQT etc. are ramping down production because of the price of gas? Had some wells take a nose dive in the past few months and didn't know if that was just normal or if production was tuned down.

Everything I know is word of mouth and internet reports.

Antero's quarterly production report came out this week and showed that they had increased overall production by 67% (if memory serves) from this time last year but that doesn't mean they are producing all their wells at 100%. Antero is making money and there's little reason to suspect that gas prices are going to go down in the near future, so they could afford to cut back production from some wells and keep other wells out of production entirely, waiting until the price of gas goes up. Which it will once the pipelines, power plants, and cracker plants that are being built right now come online.

I am a mineral rights owner and I am trying to figure out how many wells are on my lease?

Are you being paid royalty?

I haven’t been paid for mineral rights and a well for three years

Have you been paid in the past? If so, do you have any paperwork? Is it Doddridge? There are a few online resources that might help.

I have not been paid for gas or oil and I have requested paperwork with all that information. I am really overwhelmed. I have three other siblings who are part of this lease and I have recently found out my grandfather had other oil things that I can’t seem to get it all together. I would appreciate anything that you could help me with Thank you

All your interests in Doddridge county?

No Nancy, in two other Counties also. My deceased Son David had participated in several wells in West Virginia, and when he passed away I became the “manager”. I’ve asked Enervest if they plan on additional (horizontal) drilling, but never get a good answer?

Son Louie is David’s older brother.

Louis Gohmert Sr.