Antero Wells

Does anyone know anything about the Furbey or Cecele wells in Doddridge, McClellan District? I have all the online stuff. Wondering about actual production etc. That info is too recent to be listed anywhere. Thanks

=( I have nothing. Sorry.

Furbey Wells:

Cecele Wells:

Cecele only has one well in the Unit thus far. Production on all of these started mid- 2014. Enjoy!


Jim, now that you have the API #'s I would contact the people that is close to your interest by phone and see if they can provide more info, It works for me.

We found nearly 20 wells drilled on us by one company in the past two years and have heard nada on any of them. The lawyer has it now.

Jim, that should be a fun conversation for the lawyer. I had a case like that a couple years ago. Client had 30-40 acres and a well that was shut in for a couple years making the lease expire. So there was a producible well with 30-40 net mineral acres. It was a nice settlement. It wasn't in one of the "good" counties, either.