Antero Wells in Section 7 3N3W Garvin county


Wondering if anyone knows what is happening with Antero wells in section 7 3N3W Garvin county?



These are pretty good wells. You should be receiving revenue soon, if not already.

Todd M. Baker


I received first payment of royalties on the Antero 1-7-6 MXH and Antero 1-7-6 WXH wells in October 2018. The first payment covered 10 months of production dating back to October 2017.


SPaulC…then I believe by law they owe you some very good interest for going over 6 months before paying. I believe if there was no problem on your side about proving title it should be 15 percent for the whole 10 months and 6 percent for the whole 10 months if the delay was caused by a problem with your proving title. I always forget the exact percentages but it’s well worth checking into for sure! Best Wishes!


Linda_Rigtracker…You are exactly right. I requested interest after the receiving payment for sales older than 6 months and they paid very promptly. Thanks for looking out and providing good advice.


SPaulC….Glad you received what was coming to you! The interest thing was something I learned after joining the forum. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum and I’ve tried to learn from them. With my memory that’s not always easy to do. lol