Antero wells in Ritchie County

Does anyone know how many wells Antero has in operation in Ritchie County? I have received paperwork with names of units on them...are these well names? Also, I received a royalty check last month for what seems to be 2 names of wells (if I'm understanding it correctly) one of them had 2 separate numbers...2H and 3H. I have no idea what all of that means. Any advice and/or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

When horizontal wells are drilled, they go under several (sometimes many) different tracts of land (mineral rights). They are drilled straight down, then go horizonally out some distance, sometimes around a mile. They are then fracked and the gas flows up the wellbore and is collected. The company makes up units around these wells, usually 2 but sometimes more. The individual wells have names and numbers, like 1H, 2H, etc.

You can go here West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas Well Search and select Ritchie for the county. Then put in the name of the unit for "well name". It should give you some information.

You can ask the Division Order department for a Declaration of Pooling for this unit. It should show you the list of the various leases involved, and a plat of the wells and the surrounding acreage. The lease listed might be 100 years old or more, depending on the situation.

If I didn't explain it well enough, please ask. There are lots of discussions on this website, and probably several explanations of units and pooling.


A quick search of the WV DEP website reveals Antero Resources have 202 permitted wells in Ritchie County, many wells (legs) originating from the same well pad. I suspect the two wells you are receiving royalty payment from, are from the same well pad and would have names similar to Lawrence 1H & Lawrence 2H, which may have originated from the Wilson Well Pad.

If you provide the Well Names, I will attempt to find more information about those specific wells for you.

Thank you so much. This is very helpful info.

Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate it very much.