Antero wells 07 03N03W Garvin County

Tried to contact 89 Energy but no response. Does anyone know if wells are completed?

There are several Antero wells. Use the OK Tax site to look them up. They are completed. Go to the HELP box and use the Public PUN Search.

Put Antero in the Lease Name box. Hit search. Select the PUN number for the well you want. I picked 3WXH. The active date is June 19-2023. Royalties will come in approximately six months. #4 was also June 19. #5 was June 22. You have to go back to the query page and type in Antero again. The production numbers will show up in about three-four months after the active date. See the Production History tab at the top right.

Thank you Martha. I appreciate you and all your knowledge.

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You do not have to sign a DO in OK. I have a post on what to do instead.

Martha, the OK Gross Production Tax website for wells I am looking at posted May gas volumes but not oil volumes. I have been paid for the oil so I know it was produced. I sent an email but haven’t tried them by phone yet. Do you have any insight on this. Thanks.

The OTC is notoriously slow in updating the information provided to them by the operators. It is that way on many of the wells that I look into and has been ever since they moved over to the new system. They have a lot of bugs to get worked out.