Antero well production reports? Division Order correct?

Is there somewhere I can see the wells and/or the production reports? Specifically I have received a division order but I am doubting the decimal amount. If I new the gross number of acres for a particular property/well, I might be able to do the math myself. The reason I don’t believe it is correct is that my cousin, who has a smaller net acre, has a larger decimal on her Division Order. I am skeptical about signing and returning it until I know that the decimal is correct. Thank you.

If you know what pool your in go to tyler county gov services ,hit documents ,sign in as a guest ,type the name of the unit (pool ) hit search .there is lots of info there. Also type your name (last first) for other possible info. Just play around like most web sights. Well and production reports are at WVDEP. Youll need the well number. Good luck , antero finished our wells dec 2019 , havent got a DO yet.

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