Antero shutting in?

Any advice on whether they are producing or just shelving their wells? Thanks for any comments.

Any more news on peggy june???

I am new to this site and the entire deal with Antero, what is happening i have not heard from them since 2016, but was told they were waiting to unitize then they would contact me??? anybody know anything?? i have left messages about every 20 days on the number i was given but no response, getting really irritated.Any advise or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Melissa

I doubt they would contact you until they drill, then it would be a division order. Once you sign a lease you would not receive any verbal contact. They may or may not drill and they can tie up your interest for 5 years or even more if they are making an “effort” to developed the unit. If you provide more info about your interest, then there are some good researchers on here that may be able to see what is going on with your interest.